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12th International Exhibition for Gas-Powered Vehicle Technologies
14 – 16 October 2014
Russia, Moscow, VVC • Pavilion № 75

Welcome to GasSUF 2014, the 12th International Exhibition for Gas-Powered Vehicle Technologies.

GasSUF is the only exhibition in Russia dedicated to using gas for transport, and one of the leading events for using gas motor fuel to make transport more energy efficient and environmentally friendly.

Launched in 2003, the exhibition brings together domestic and international industry leaders every year.

Thematic sections of the exhibition:

  • Designing and construction of gas filling stations LPG filling stations and equipment
  • Equipment for gas filling stations
  • Computer software, communication systems and pay for gas stations
  • Mobile gas tank trucks
  • Gas bottles
  • Equipment and technique for using LNG and CNG as a fuel
  • Alternative fuels in transport
  • Systems and equipment for diagnostic of gas automobile facilities
  • Equipment for centers for conversion of  vehicles for running on gas fuel
  • Cryogenic equipment

Facts and figures:

Date — 14–16 October 2014
Launched — 2003
Frequency — Annual
Venue — Pavilion 75, VVC, Moscow

Exhibitors – 85 leading companies from 15 countries

Visitors – 1875 specialists from 23 countries
Organiser — MVK, part of ITE Group

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Exhibition news

Company Kwangshin is Asia's largest manufacturer of industrial compressor equipment. Today Kwangshin produces compressor equipment for complex systems associated gas utilization, compressors for CNG stations and equipment for various compression of technical gas. 


Micrometan develops and manufactures compact, cost effective, easy to maintain NGV filling stations (CNG) for a small private car park (10-50 fillings per day). Using these stations allows at times reduce the cost of motor fuel. Technology Micrometan C not only allows compressing natural gas, but also hydrogen, air, nitrogen, carbon dioxide.