18-th International exhibition of CNG, LPG, gas vehicles and gas refueling equipment
20 - 22 October 2020 • Russia, Moscow, Sokolniki ECC, Pavilion 4

CNG, LPG, NGV, LNG equipment

With the help of gas equipment for a car, you can minimize fuel costs, as well as get a guaranteed durable system that will prolong engine life, increase the frequency of replacing spark plugs with filters and reduce engine wear.


LPG/CNG/LNG on the car

The exhibition GasSuf will gather famous Russian and import companies that sell gas equipment on the car. This equipment allows for the storage and supply of a gaseous fuel product to the internal combustion engine.

Based on the type of fuel used and the engine, vehicles are manufactured or converted into gas-cylinder cars. There are single, dual-fuel, self-powered engines with one of the types of fuel product or dual-fuel with simultaneous use of both fuel products. The latter is called gas diesel.

Cars can be powered by the following gas-based product types:
  • methane;
  • propane-butane.
Methane has several advantages when compared with propane-butane:
  • Cheaper cost when compared with propane.
  • Consumption is identical to work on gasoline (1: 1). In the case of propane, this figure is 1: 1.2.
  • Unlike propane, it does not form condensate.
  • It is characterized by safety, as it is lighter than air and if a leak occurs, the substance quickly disappears.
  • Does not differ capriciousness at low temperatures.
Disadvantages compared with propane:
  • HBO for such a fuel product has a higher cost.
  • Methane tank takes up a lot of space.
  • Less substance will fit in the container, as high pressure is observed.
  • Affects power level.
  • Methane refills are less common than propane.
Automobile gas equipment consists of the following components:
  • Refueling device.
  • Electromagnetic pneumatic valve. Necessary to close the pipeline when parked, or when the work is carried out by gasoline. It is supplied with a cleansing element.
  • Pneumatic gear. It is aimed at lowering the pressure with converting it to a gaseous state. This procedure will require heating the gearbox when using a cooling system. It has a vacuum or electronic control method. Adjustment is carried out thanks to a special screw.
  • Electromagnetic gasoline valve. In carburetor models, it helps cut off the supply of gas when the engine is operating on a gas product. In the injector it replaces the injector emulator.
  • Switches between fuel products. Translates the motor from one product to another.
  • Cylinder with fittings. Capacities may vary in their capacity and shape. There are cylindrical, which hold 30-230 liters. But if you place such a tank in your trunk, it will “eat” almost the entire usable area. Miniature toroidal solutions can hold 30-90 liters and in most cases are mounted in the place where the spare wheel is located. If the neck is in the upper zone, the balloon is called internal. When located on the side, the drive is called external.
  • Used with electromagnetic valves.
  • Pressure gauge high pressure.
  • Pipeline system and hoses.
  • Gas dispenser.
  • Gas mixer
  • High pressure unit.

In the first modifications, a reducer-evaporator was used, which heated the gas mixture, ensured its evaporation and reduced the pressure to a value close to atmospheric. With the appearance of the fifth generation of HBO, the need for such a device disappeared.

Also in the installation there is a multivalve, which is installed on the neck of the tank. Consists of a filling and dispensing valve, a fuel level indicator and a suction pipe. Using a high-speed valve, leakage is blocked if line damage occurs.

The ventilation box is installed on the neck. It is multivalve. If a leak occurs, the device will lead the vapor out.

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