MV&F shipped gasifiers for a temporary coronavirus hospital in Patriot Park

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MV&F continues to replenish the list of shipped oxygen equipment. So two cold cryogenic gasifiers 1000 and 3000 liters recovered in Patriot Park, in a temporary hospital for patients with coronavirus.

MV&F shipped gasifiers for a temporary coronavirus hospital in Patriot Park

Together with the gas integrator Gas Solutions, all stages of work were completed, from assembly to installation and refueling with oxygen. This is not the first case of cooperation between companies, Gas Solutions and MV&F - long-standing partners.

Gasifiers are a key link in the hospital oxygen network. Due to the production evaporator and the pressure build-up evaporator, gas is produced with a stable overpressure and a sufficient flow rate. They are completely non-volatile and do not have moving parts, as a result, unlike oxygen concentrators, they do not require expensive maintenance, they are reliable and inexpensive to operate.


GHK 3000 fittings


Production evaporator for GKhK 1000


Shipment of gasifiers GKhK 1000 and GKhK 3000


Gasifiers 1000 and 3000 L are unloaded at the site in front of the PATRIOT EXPO




First medical oxygen refueling and commissioning

For two months of the COVID-19 pandemic, MV&F supplied oxygen equipment to many medical institutions, including: Clinic in Kommunarka (Moscow), City Clinical Hospital No. 52 (Moscow), GBUZ MO Balashikhinsky Maternity Hospital, Clinical Center for Rehabilitation Medicine and Rehabilitation (Odintsovo District), Tula Children's Hospital, Shchekino District Hospital (Shchekino), Aleksinsky District Hospital No. 1 named after professors V.F. Snegireva (Tula), TOKPB No. 1 named after N.P. Kamenev (Tula), Efremov district hospital. A.I. Kozlova (city of Efremov), Clinical Hospital named after S.M. Mirotoretseva (Saratov).


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