For the first time in Russia, a rating of regions according to the level of development of the NGV m


The rating was created in order to objectively assess the current state of the use of natural gas (methane) as a motor fuel in the constituent entities of the Russian Federation.

For the first time in Russia, a rating of regions according to the level of development of the NGV market has been prepared
The assessment of the level of market development in the regions for 2020 was carried out according to seven main indicators: the volume of consumption of natural gas as a motor fuel, the development of the gas filling infrastructure, the car fleet on methane, the current regional market support measures, the dynamics of gas engine fuel consumption, the efficiency of using the gas filling infrastructure, the performance of indicators subprogram "Development of the NGV market" of the state program "Development of the energy sector".
The first place in terms of market development was taken by the Rostov region, gaining 87.5 points out of 100 possible. The key factor in the region's success was the balance between the commissioning of new gas filling stations and the growth of the methane-fueled vehicle fleet, as well as the proactive position of the authorities of the Rostov region.
The top 5 regions, in addition to the Rostov region, include the Republic of Tatarstan, Stavropol Territory, Krasnodar Territory, Nizhny Novgorod Region.
St. Petersburg took 6th place. The backbone gas filling infrastructure has been actively created in the city over the past three years. The city is one of five regions participating in the pilot project for accelerated market formation from the Gazprom Group. Timur Soin emphasized that taking into account St. Petersburg's plans to bring 2800 CNG and LNG buses to the line, the city could take first place next year.
30 regions participating in the rating received an assessment of 50 points and above. This suggests that to date, sufficient experience has been accumulated to further replicate the best practices throughout the country.
When forming the rating of regions, the economic and environmental effect of switching transport to natural gas (methane) over the past 5 years was analyzed. Due to the use of methane as a fuel, a decrease in greenhouse gas emissions by more than 7 million tons was recorded, a decrease in pollutant emissions amounted to almost 120 thousand tons.
The conducted analytical work showed that the initial stage of the formation of the NGV market in our country has been successfully completed. The Russian Federation is entering a qualitatively new stage in the development of the gas engine industry, using the experience gained in recent years and the application of the best foreign practices, which is of particular importance in light of global trends in decarbonization and reducing the environmental burden of the transport sector of the economy.
Timur Soin noted that some regions continue to hesitate in the transition to methane as a fuel, referring to the lack of infrastructure, gas consumption volumes, etc. The analytical information presented in the rating refutes doubts with real examples from the practice of regions with different geographical and economic positions.
The publication “Rating of Russian Regions by the Level of Development of the NGV Fuel Market” provides information on the development of the Russian market as a whole over the past five years, for 2020, as well as information on the advantages of methane as a NGV fuel.
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