GasSuf 2021 exhibition is a platform for demonstration of equipment and machinery, as well as for bu

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GasSuf 2021, the 19th International Exhibition of Natural Gas Vehicles, CNG Filling Equipment and Machinery, held October 26-27, 2021, was a landmark event for the domestic gas fuel and gas refueling industry.

GasSuf 2021 exhibition is a platform for demonstration of equipment and machinery, as well as for business communication of gas motor and gas filling industry specialists
The exhibition was held in a comfortable business atmosphere, the communication between the participants and visitors was positive, which was reflected in the work of the participants at the stands during the negotiations, as well as in the discussions and debates at the NGV Vehicle Forum. More than 35 leading experts and specialists of the industry spoke during the sessions of the Forum, and for the first time there was a session devoted to the use of hydrogen as an alternative motor fuel.

Exhibition exposition
GasSuf 2021 exhibition was held at a high level, once again confirming its status as a reputable international industry platform. The key event brought together 32 domestic and foreign companies from 7 countries: Russia, Britain, Italy, China, the Republic of Korea, the United States and Uzbekistan. Traditionally, foreign companies take part in GasSuf exhibition, for which the Russian market remains interesting and attractive, serving as an outlet to demonstrate their products, the latest developments and international business contracts.
Gas equipment at the exhibition was represented by domestic and foreign companies: FARO, FORNOVO GAS, GRAF, KWANGSHING, MV&F, GRASYS ENGINEERING, LENPROMAVTOMATIKA, MIKROMETAN, SHELF and others. This market segment was of interest to 53% of the visitors of GasSuf in 2021.
Gas refueling equipment was demonstrated by such companies as: 4SAVE, ITALGAS, HANA EMS, LANDI RENZO RUS, MV&F, KNC, ANTGRUPP-GBO, EUROPAGAS, MILLY METAL SANOAT and others. In 2021 55% of visitors were interested in gas filling equipment at the exhibition.
The leader of the Russian truck building industry, KAMAZ presented on its stand updated gas-engine mainline trucks KAMAZ 54901-802-DA with gas-diesel version and KAMAZ 5490-80802-5P with liquefied natural gas and two cryoboxes. These vehicles are equipped with gas-cylinder equipment and allow halving fuel costs, increasing service life by 30-40%, reducing repair costs, and also meet the highest environmental standards.
Italian exposition at GasSuf 2021 was presented by the companies: FARO, FORNOVO GAS, LANDI RENZO. Italian LANDI RENZO team at the exhibition announced the opening of an official representative office in Russia.
GasSuf exposition is annually updated with new exhibitors. This year, a number of Russian and foreign companies for the first time presented their products at the stands: KAMAZ, PIEZUS, HANA, KNMT, KNC, REGO, Sichuan South Gas.
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Visitors to the exhibition

During two days GasSuf 2021 was visited by 1 178 target specialists from 64 regions of Russia and 10 foreign countries - 8% more than in 2020.
The commercial efficiency of participation in GasSuf is ensured by the high quality level of visitors. The share of end customers - service companies converting vehicles to NGV fuel, networks of gas filling stations, gas filling stations and CNG filling stations, as well as motor transport and manufacturing companies with their own fleet of vehicles - was 79% of the total number of visitors. Traditionally the exhibition is visited by the top-managers and executives - this year their share was 77%.
At their stands participants negotiated with those who make or influence on purchasing decisions, the share of visitors this year was 96%. This year 54% of specialists visited GasSuf for the first time. The share of regional and foreign visitors increased by 2 p.p. and reached 44%.

The effectiveness of the event for exhibitors is confirmed by the feedback from the participants. For example, ITALGAS representatives say: «Impressions of GasSuf 2021 are very positive, there were more visitors than we expected».

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Business program of the exhibition: NGV Vehicle Forum

GasSuf 2021 hosted the NGV Vehicle Forum with the participation of renowned experts in the gas vehicle and gas filling industry. The forum aroused great interest on the part of visitors interested in obtaining professional and relevant information from leading market experts.
Top 5 topics of most interest for the NGV market were covered during the NGV Vehicle Forum:
  • Creation and development of NGV fuel consumption infrastructure
  • Development and financing models for small-scale LNG projects: production, storage, transportation and fueling
  • NGV parks development projects
  • Prospects of development of the vehicles conversion market to NGV
  • Economic and technological aspects of construction and operation of gas-fueling infrastructure
The first day of the Forum was supported by the National NGV Association. Sessions during the day included: «Development of NGV Passenger Transport and Fuelling Infrastructure in Russian Regions», «Using LNG in Transport: Prospects and Models for Developing LNG Projects», «Accelerated Development: Financial Instruments for Developing the NGV Fuel Market». Alexander Tavdishvili, head of external communications and special projects of the National NGV Association moderated the first day.
On the second day of the Forum the first session dedicated to hydrogen was held: «Alternative Prospects: Development of Hydrogen as Motor Fuel and Transport on Hydrogen Fuel Cells in Russia», which aroused great interest among the visitors. The organizer of the session «Conversion of transport: current issues of installation and registration of HBO» was the Union of Natural Gas Vehicles. This session has become the hottest of discussions and debates, as it affects the condition, trends and prospects of the market for gas equipment. The theme of the strategic session of the second day was: «Development of gas-powered passenger transport and refueling infrastructure in the regions of Russia».
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The key speakers of the Forum were leading specialists of the gas motor industry:
  • Igor Goldzon, Deputy Director of the central branch of Gazprom Gazomotornoye Toplivo
  • Sergey Kozhevnikov, Executive Director of FSUE Mosavtogaz
  • Leonid Kudryashov, Deputy General Director, Commercial and Business Development, Vankorskoye Field Office of Rosneft
  • Roman Lanikhin, Head of NGV Fuel Marketing Division, Domestic LNG Sales and Gasification Department, NOVATEK
  • Sergey Maevsky, Adviser to General Director for Technical Issues, SPb State Unitary Enterprise Passazhiravtotrans
  • Alexander Turkov, Managing Director, Industry Sector, InfraVEB
  • Olga Kirillova, Member of the Management Board, Director of Corporate Business Department, JSC Sberbank Leasing
  • Nadezhda Akimova, General Director of Regional Gas Company
  • Andrey Popov, Procurement Director, XPO Logistic Transport Company
  • Ruslan Makarov, ALROSA Fuel Conversion Project Manager
  • Artem Danilov, Executive Director, Union of Gas Motor Vehicle Manufacturers
  • Alexey Kuleshov, Deputy Head of Federal Agency for Standardization and Metrology
  • Alexander Solovyov, Deputy Head of Federal Accreditation Service
  • Sergey Anikeev, Deputy Director General for Technical Regulation, FSUE NAMI
  • Alexey Tribunsky, Expert, Russian Energy Agency, Ministry of Energy of Russia
  • Yury Dobrovolsky, Doctor of Chemical Sciences, Professor, Head of STI Competence Center for New and Mobile Energy Technologies at IPC RAS
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The exhibition was supported by the National Gas Vehicle Association, the general partner of the Forum «Union of Gas Vehicle Industry Enterprises» and the sponsor of the Forum session - Fornovo Gas company.
GasSuf is a key platform for the demonstration of NGV and CNG filling equipment and machinery for manufacturers and suppliers, and also serves as a platform for the discussion of current issues of the gas motor market in Russia.
In 2022 GasSuf will celebrate its anniversary - the exhibition will be held for the 20th time. The exhibition team is preparing for this event with even more enthusiasm and is waiting for you from October 25 to 27 in Crocus Expo IEC.
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