Have you signed up for GasSuf 2022?

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It has been more than a month since the registration of visitors for GasSuf 2022 – the 20th anniversary International Exhibition of gas-cylinder, gas-fueling Equipment and gas-fueled equipment opened. Are you not on the visitor lists yet? Then get acquainted with the information about the exhibition and get an electronic ticket.

Have you signed up for GasSuf 2022?
At a time when a number of foreign companies have left the Russian gas engine fuel market, the GasSuf 2022 exhibition will become a tool for you to monitor profitable solutions for business development, search for new niches, partners and ideas in the field:
  • conversion of transport to gas;
  • gas filling equipment for modernization and construction of networks of gas stations, gas stations and CNG stations;
  • updating the fleet of vehicles with modern and economical gas-powered vehicles.
Visit the exhibition to assess the composition of exhibitors and the state of the gas engine fuel market, as well as:
  • choose the best solutions for your business by studying new offers from Russian and foreign manufacturers of gas cylinder, gas filling equipment and equipment on GEF;
  • conduct negotiations with the top officials of the participating companies;
  • expand the list of suppliers and business partners;
  • conclude contracts on favorable terms;
  • get up-to-date information from experts about the prospects for the development of the gas engine market.
At the GasSuf exhibition you are expected:
  • individual terms of cooperation with the heads of exhibitor companies;
  • consultations of technical specialists of manufacturing companies on the operation of the presented equipment;
  • technical and operational characteristics for comparison and quality assessment;
  • up-to-date practical information needed to solve business problems.
Exhibitors of GasSuf 2022
This year, 30+ Russian and foreign manufacturers and suppliers of natural gas vehicles and equipment are expected to participate, including ready-made solutions for gas cylinder equipment, gas dispensers, compressors and components.

Such companies as LenPromAvtomatika, Antgroup-HBO, Micromethan, Gazserviskomposite, MTK, YUSEV, MV&F have already confirmed their participation in the exhibition.

Since the opening of registration, the exposition of the exhibition has been replenished with new participants. Introducing some of them:
MTK from Armenia is the exclusive representative of the leading Iranian manufacturers Tavana and Tash Gas, which produce methane (CNG−1 and CNG-2) and propane (LPG) automotive gas cylinders. All products are certified in Russia.
Armenia occupies a worthy place among the countries where compressed natural gas is used as a motor fuel, which makes MTK products highly competitive de facto.

 YUSEV is a manufacturer and supplier of components of attachments for commercial vehicles.
At the stand, the exhibitor will demonstrate advanced developments for trucks to the professional community of the gas engine market:
  • mounting brackets for CNG gas cylinders;
  • gasoline- and oil-resistant rubber for fixing cylinders;
  • high–strength fasteners - DIN912 screws with strength class 8.8;
  • embedded bushings.
The shortest delivery time, competitive prices, delivery of equipment to any region of Russia are the main advantages of cooperation with YUSEV.

The exhibition will feature:
  • gas cylinder equipment that meets new requirements and regulations;
  • innovative technologies in the field of conversion of cars to gas;
  • modern gas filling equipment and components for CNG stations, gas stations, gas stations;
  • equipment at the GEF.
Business program
Traditionally, GasSuf will be accompanied by the forum "Gas-powered Transport", where topical issues of the experience of gas-powered market participants in Russia on the expansion of gas-fueling infrastructure, the development of a fleet of vehicles and equipment powered by natural gas will be discussed in the format of panel discussions; attracting investors and using financial instruments for the development of the gas-powered fuel market, re-equipment and operation of gas-powered transport fuel.
The leaders and experts of the companies of the gas engine industry will share their experience and opinion on the prospects for the development of gas engine fuel with the delegates of the forum.
Use additional opportunities to develop your business – come to the GasSuf 2022 exhibition!

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