The GasSuf team has summarised the results of the 20th Anniversary International Exhibition of CNG,


27 October 2022 was the final day of the 20th Anniversary International Exhibition of CNG, LNG, LPG, gas refueling equipment and gas vehicles - GasSuf 2022. As part of the trade fair, the NGV Transport Forum was traditionally held.

The GasSuf team has summarised the results of the 20th Anniversary International Exhibition of CNG, LNG, LPG, gas refueling equipment and gas vehicles

Over three exhibition days, visitors to GasSuf 2022 were able to learn about innovative technology in the field of converting vehicles to natural gas and modern LPG filling and CNG equipment.

Exposition of CNG, LNG, LPG, gas refueling equipment 

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Gazprom Gas Motor Fuel, CIMC Enric Energy Equipment, Volta Gas, GRAF, Monitoring Valve & Fitting (MV&F), Micromethane, Fluid Line and NPK Shelf presented gas filling equipment. This theme was interesting for 56% of visitors.

Within the section Gas-cylinder equipment products were exhibited by AntGroup-GBO, GazServiceComposite, Landi Renzo, MTK, YURPACOM-TRADE, YUSEV and other companies. An increased interest in the gas equipment segment was shown by 54% of the visitors.
Gazprom Gazomotornoye Toplivo, the Russian market leader in motor fuels, presented a programme revealing the advantages of natural gas (methane) use in transport as an economic, environmentally friendly and safe fuel.
The information stand of GRAF was dedicated to compressors, gas accumulators; control cabinets; dehydration units; block-boxes and other efficient solutions for CNG filling stations.
At the Landi Renzo stand you could see samples of gearboxes, control units and nozzles - the most important elements of CNG for converting vehicles to environmentally friendly and economical types of fuel: LPG (liquefied petroleum gas) and CNG (compressed natural gas).
MTK, a supplier of gas and industrial equipment, presented a propane gas cylinder to potential customers. High interest in the product was shown by oil and gas equipment manufacturers and design engineers from Gazprom.
"The NGV market is buzzing right now, so we decided to participate in GasSuf in this year and offer a sought-after product. As a result, we received five contacts from different countries: Kyrgyzstan, Kazakhstan and Russia. I am sure they will contact us to get a calculation as they have shown high interest in our equipment", commented the participation in GasSuf 2022 Akop Afian, Project Director of MTK LPG equipment.
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For the first time CIMC Enric Energy Equipment, USEV, JURPACOM-Trade and GazServisComposite exhibited their products at GasSuf.
At the stand of CIMC Enric Energy Equipment manufacturers from China demonstrated equipment and system solutions for storage and transportation of CNG, LNG, LPG and industrial gas.
The company GazServiceKompozit - manufacturer of high pressure cylinders, gas accumulator units for CNG filling stations and mobile filling stations - demonstrated a mock-up of a gas accumulator unit and a mock-up of a cylinder for CNG filling stations as industrial samples of the products. The company's main customers are specialists from the automotive industry and private customers: owners of vehicle fleets remote from large population centres and their own CNG filling stations. "We wanted to try to participate in the exhibition to see how much this promotional tool would cost us and whether it would have an effect. We need at least two real orders to come back here. We received 3 - let's see what the result will be," said Konstantin Smerdov, head of production at GazSuf 2022.

GasSuf 2022's quality visitor audience 

GasSuf was visited by 1 242 professionals from 61 regions in Russia. The number of new visitors was 58%.
The quality of GasSuf 2022's visitor figures compared to 2021:
  • the number of targeted visitors increased by 20%;
  • the number of visitors per participating company increased by 74%;
  • the share of top managers reached 78%;
  • the share of specialists influencing purchasing decisions has reached 95%. 
GasSuf 2022 business programme on current topics and challenges for the NGV industry 

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The NGV Transport Forum - a traditional satellite of GasSuf exhibition - this year included 7 events of different formats: industry sessions, round tables and a workshop. The business programme included expert dialogues at which representatives from NGV industry organizations assessed the efficiency of NGV market incentives, made proposals for their improvement in support of alternative fuels and discussed topical issues in the industry:
  • encouraging the conversion of transport to NGV fuel;
  • production, marketing and development of LNG as a motor fuel;
  • particularities of NGV service and problems of vehicle operation;
  • prospects of market development for vehicle conversion
  • and others.
Top managers of the industry's leading companies participated as speakers in the business programme: Evgeny Pronin, Director of Natural Gas Vehicles at KAMAZ; Denis Safonov, Head of Sales and Marketing at Gazprom Gazomotornoye Toplivo; Artur Gazizyanov, First Deputy CEO, Chief Engineer at NOVATEK-LNG Toplivo; Rastim Urazaliyev, Head of Transport Department at Gazprom Dobycha Astrakhan; Ion Mursa, Technical Director at Landi Renzo and others.

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The GasSuf 2022 exhibition was supported by the Union of Natural Gas Vehicle Industries, the National LNG Association, Association "National Association of Vehicle Maintenance Enterprises", Association of Equipment Manufacturers "New Technologies of the Gas Industry", Union of Oil and Gas Industry Organisations "Russian Gas Society".
Strong visitor interest in the products at GasSuf 2022 was the key to the high commercial effectiveness of the show for exhibitors. Generate sales for the year ahead - take your stand at the 21st GasSuf from 24-26 October 2023 at Crocus Expo!
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