Transition to NGV fuel is the current trend: equipment and technologies of the NGV industry at GasSu

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The 21st International Exhibition of CNG, LNG, LPG, gas refueling equipment and gas vehicles GasSuf 2023 and the Gas Motor Fuel Vehicles forum will be held in Crocus Expo IEC on October 24-26, 2023.

Transition to NGV fuel is the current trend: equipment and technologies of the NGV industry at GasSuf 2023 exhibition
The GasSuf exhibition is a unique platform where all significant industry players gather once a year. The key event of the exhibition is a professional forum aimed at addressing issues that can directly affect the market development. Forum speakers do not plan to limit themselves to analytics: reviews and forecasts for the future. Strategic planning and solution of current problems are the basis of the business program agenda, and its main feature is an equal dialog between all participants.
The exhibition and the forum held within its framework will be of interest to managers of filling stations, CNG filling stations, gas filling stations, technical specialists of service enterprises, owners of motor transport and production companies that have their own fleet of vehicles, as well as representatives of companies from related areas and experts of the NGV industry.
Gas filling stations; compressor equipment; automobile, household, industrial gas cylinders; components of gas cylinder equipment for liquefied and compressed gas; gas automatics, alarms and gas analyzers; NGV vehicles and much more will be presented at GasSuf 2023.

Exhibition dates and opening times for visitors:
October 24: 10:00 a.m. - 6:00 p.m.
October 25: 10:00 - 18:00
October 26: 10:00 - 16:00
Moscow, Crocus Expo, pavilion 1, hall 2


GasSuf 2023 exhibition
This year, manufacturers and suppliers from Russia, China and Belarus will demonstrate gas-cylinder and gas-fueling equipment. Most of the exhibiting companies will be presented in three main thematic sections of the exhibition.
CNG, LPG, NGV, LNG equipment: Beijing Huatuo Green Energy Technology, Hangzhou Newpioneer Import&Export (Easy Tech), Jiaxing E-xon Power Technology, Rongen Autogas Parts Manufacturer, Shandong Auyan New Energy Technology (Auyan) , Sinoma Science & Technology (Suzhou), Antgroup-GBO, Landi Renzo Rus, Novogrudok Gas Equipment Plant, Eltrox.
Gas refueling equipment and systems: Rongen Autogas Parts Manufacturer, Shandong Auyan New Energy Technology (Auyan), Agzsstroyservis64, Volta Gas, Graf, Lennpromavtomatika, MV&F, NPP Almaz, New Service Company, Tegas, Shelf.
Gas vehicles: Beijing huatuo green energy technology, Hangzhou Newpioneer Import&Export (Easy Tech), Transport Center.
10 companies - Russian Eltrox, AGZStroyservis64, New Service Company, NPP Almaz JSC and six Chinese companies - will take part in GasGuf for the first time.

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Gazprom Gazomotornoye Toplivo, an exhibitor at the exhibition, is a real driving force in the industry development, not only selling natural gas as motor fuel, building and operating the refueling infrastructure of Gazprom's CNG filling stations network, but also interacting with federal and regional authorities.
A comfortable tourist bus powered by compressed methane promises to become a real highlight of the Transport Center's exposition. The bus with a capacity of 53 passengers is equipped with a reliable 375 hp gas engine and is able to travel more than 700 km on a single refueling due to the total capacity of 1200 liters of gas cylinders.
LENPROMAVTOMATIKA company will present at its stand alarm and emergency protection systems for the objects with explosive mixtures and flammable substances.
We would like to single out Landi Renzo Rus, a regular exhibitor at GasSuf 2023. Despite the current geopolitical situation, being a subsidiary of the Italian company Landi Renzo, Landi Renzo Rus remains committed to the Russian market and continues to supply quality gas-cylinder equipment. At GasSuf 2023, the company will present new products for 2024: Emmegas brand equipment, a new 4-cylinder injector, as well as announce a large-scale Gas Specialist program to motivate its best installation and service partners.

Exhibitor list

Gas Motor Fuel Vehicles Forum
The exhibition will include the annual forum "NGV Transportation", where industry experts will analyze current and forecasted trends; consider the prospects of infrastructure development and expansion of the NGV equipment model range; address the issues of gas cylinder use safety; discuss with industry representatives the issues of vehicle conversion and registration of NGVs. Representatives of transportation companies will share their experience in operating vehicles on NGVs.

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The format of the forum is an honest open dialog between different market players. The main goal of joint discussions is to identify problems and find solutions.
  • How to expand the LNG vehicle fleet? What types of transportation are the most promising for conversion to gas?
  • How to accelerate infrastructure development?
  • How to organize control and accounting of gas cylinder turnover?
  • How can consumers save money when converting a car?
  • Why are there several thousand installers in Russia, while GGMT has only about 250 partners? How to become a partner? What is required for this?
  • Preliminary technical expertise conclusion: why is it necessary, how much does it cost, how to get it?
  • Why does GGMT pay special attention to the registration of HBO, and why do many RPMTs continue to work with counterfeits?
  • Permission to make changes to the vehicle design: how to obtain it, how much does it cost?
  • Why in different regions the requirements for installation by the State Automobile Inspection Service may differ?
These and many other questions can be asked and answered by market players and industry experts during the three-day  "Gas Motor Fuel Vehicles" Forum".
Speakers of the business program are representatives of relevant ministries and industry associations, heads of key companies, including:
  • Andrey Dmitriev, Chairman of the Board of Directors of Aurora LNG;
  • Denis Safonov, Deputy Director General of Gazprom Gazomotornoye Toplivo;
  • Alexey Podshchekoldin, Chairman of the Board of Directors of BN-Motors, President of the Russian Automobile Dealers Association;
  • Svetlana Vorontsova, First Deputy Director General of Transport Integration;
  • Natalia Kim, First Deputy Director General of Automobile Company - Mostrans;
  • Georgy Garkusha, General Director of PromMashTest Engineering;
  • Evgeny Pronin, Director for Gas Motor Vehicles, PJSC KAMAZ;
  • Natalia Pletnikova, Head of Sales Development Department, Modern Transportation Technologies Group;
  • Evgeny Garov, Director of Transportation Logistics Department, INVITRO;
  • Ivan Pekshev, General Director of Carcoin.
The forum partners will be the National Gas Motor Association (NGA), the Union of Gas Motor Industry Enterprises (SPGO), and the National LNG Association. The information partner of the forum is the scientific and technical magazine "Transportation on Alternative Fuel".

GasSuf 2023 will be held with the informational support of the NAPTO Association.

Choose the best solution for your business by reducing your search time to 3 days at GasSuf 2023! We are waiting for you from October 24 to 26 at Crocus Expo IEC, pavilion 1, hall 2.

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