Results of the 21st International Exhibition of CNG, LNG, LPG, gas refueling equipment and gas vehic

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24-26 October 2023, GasSuf 2023, the 21st International Exhibition of CNG, LNG, LPG, gas refueling equipment and gas vehicles, was held.

Results of the 21st International Exhibition of CNG, LNG, LPG, gas refueling equipment and gas vehicles – GasSuf 2023
The exhibition showcased innovative technologies in the field of converting vehicles to gas, modern gas refueling and CNG equipment. The important event of the exhibition was the Gas Fuel Vehicles Forum.

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During the three days of work the exhibition was visited by 1 520 specialists, 846 of which were GasSuf visitors and 674 - specialists who came to the exhibition using tickets of the International Exhibition of Iindustrial pumps, compressors, valves, actuators and engines PCVExpo.

GasSuf 2023 visitor figures:
  • the share of new visitors was 54%;
  • the share of visitors - potential customers who come to the exhibition with business goals amounted to 72%;
  • the share of top managers amounted to 79%;
  • the number of specialists influencing purchasing decisions amounted to 94%.
Within the framework of the three-day forum Gas Motor Fuel Vehicles, 8 thematic events were held, in which 47 speakers took part, and the number of listeners exceeded 350 people.

Among the visitors of the exhibition were representatives of the companies: GAZHOLODTECHNIKA, LM-Gaz, ERA GAS, Sibgazset, Gazprom VNIIGAZ, AVTOGBO. RF, Kuban - GMT, Opel-center, LAYADA SERVICE, RM CNG, Gaztreydavto, Mosavtogaz, Avto-Gaz, Giproniigaz-MP, AVRORA LNG, ORENGAZ, RN-Moskva, Autopark Chestnyi, AZS Komplekt, Gruzovychkof, Russian Post and many others.

Six other international industrial exhibitions were held in the same pavilion as GasSuf:
  • PCVExpo – International exhibition of industrial pumps, compressors, valves, actuators and engines;
  • Heat&Power – International specialised exhibition of industrial boilers, heat exchange and power generation equipment;
  • Testing&Control — International exhibition of testing and measuring equipment;
  • NDT Russia — International exhibition of equipment for non-destructive testing;
  • FastTec — International Exhibition of Fasteners;
  • ExpoCoating — International exhibition of materials and equipment for surface treatment, coatings application and electroplating.
Co-hosting industrial events creates the most motivating conditions for interaction between representatives of companies from different sectors of the economy. Thus, the synergy of the events provides additional value for both participants and visitors.

GasSuf Exposition

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At GusSuf 2023 the equipment was presented in three main sections of the exhibition: CNG, LPG, LNG equipment; Gas Refueling equipment and systems; gas vehicles.

CNG, LPG, LNG equipment: Beijing Huatuo Green Energy Technology, Hangzhou Newpioneer Import&Export (Easy Tech), Jiaxing E-xon Power Technology, Rongen Autogas Parts Manufacturer, Shandong Auyan New Energy Technology (Auyan), Sinoma Science & Technology (Suzhou), Antgroup-GBO, Landi Renzo Rus, Novogrudok Gas Equipment Plant, Eltrox.

Gas refueling equipment and systems: Rongen Autogas Parts Manufacturer, Shandong Auyan New Energy Technology (Auyan), Agzsstroyservis64, Volta Gas, Graf, Lennpromavtomatika, MVif, NPP Almaz, New Service Company, Tegas, Shelf.
Gas vehicles: Transport Center.

The companies participated in GasSuf for the first time: Beijing Huatuo Green Energy Technology, Hangzhou Newpioneer Import&Export (Easy Tech), Jiaxing E-xon Power Technology, Rongen Autogas Parts Manufacturer, Shandong Auyan New Energy Technology (Auyan), Sinoma Science & Technology (Suzhou), Eltrox, AGZStroyservis64, New Service Company and NPP Almaz.

Exhibitor list

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The booth of the debutant of the exhibition, NPP Almaz, presented household, automotive and industrial gas detectors, including explosion-proof ones. Alexey Kryuchkov, the head of the analytics and marketing sales department, noted the quality of the exhibition audience: «Very targeted audience, there are only few people walking around by chance, it is good. We found partners who are ready to use our equipment - those who did not know about us before, despite our extensive marketing activities. So here we have really found a new segment for us».

The company Transport Center presented a tourist bus running on CNG at the exhibition. Lyubov Lavrinova, Head of Marketing Department of the company, told about the work at the exhibition: “In general, the exhibition makes a good impression. Compared to last year, the audience looks more prepared - they ask more targeted questions. I, as the head of the marketing department, like everything in general. Our target audience is carriers and tourist companies. We met people at the exhibition who are willing to train drivers. Our task at the exhibition was to show a bus with gas cylinders. We went to the exhibition with Yutong, as we are their main dealers in Moscow. It is profitable to sell their vehicles: there are a lot of car services and no problems with spare parts”.

Auyan New Energy Technology, a new exhibitor at GasSuf, presented gas filling and gas refueling equipment. «It is wonderful that we got the opportunity to show our products. This exhibition fully meets the direction of our company's business. A lot of visitors were interested in our equipment," said Ding Shan, Sales Manager for Russia. - Next year we will definitely plan to participate”.

Landi Renzo Rus unveiled a new 4-cylinder injector at the show, announced the launch of the Emmegas brand, and announced the 2024 launch of the Gas Specialist program to reward the best equipment installation and car service partners. “Our company was the only representative of European manufacturers at the show. These three days showed that we are known not only in the world but also in Russia, customers from all over our country trust us and appreciate the quality of our products. We discussed the current situation and future prospects with our current customers and met potential customers. The exhibition facilitated networking, and the audience was more targeted than last year. Many people came to the exhibition to visit our booth and familiarize themselves with the novelties of our equipment.  The exhibition was very useful for us”, Dario Pelazzo, General Director of Landi Renzo Rus, shared his impressions about the exhibition.

Business program
Деловая_программа_GasSuf23 Деловая_программа_GasSuf23
Деловая_программа_GasSuf23 Деловая_программа_GasSuf23

The three-day Gas Fuel Vehicles Forum included 8 events: industry sessions and round tables. Experts analyzed current trends and assessed the industry's development prospects. The following issues were discussed: infrastructure development and expansion of the NGV equipment model range; safety of gas cylinders use; vehicle conversion and registration of gas-fueled vehicles. Representatives of carriers companies shared their experience of operating gas vehicles.

This year the forum became a platform for an open dialogue between different market players. Speakers included representatives of specialized ministries and industry associations, heads of key companies, including:
  • Andrey Dmitriev, Chairman of the Board of Directors of Aurora LNG;
  • Denis Safonov, Deputy Director General of Gazprom Gazomotornoye Toplivo;
  • Alexey Podshchekoldin, Chairman of the Board of Directors of BN-Motors, President of the Russian Automobile Dealers Association;
  • Svetlana Vorontsova, First Deputy Director General of Transport Integration;
  • Natalia Kim, First Deputy Director General of Automobile Company - Mostrans;
  • Georgy Garkusha, General Director of PromMashTest Engineering;
  • Evgeny Pronin, Director of Gas Motor Vehicles department, PJSC KAMAZ;
  • Natalia Pletnikova, Head of Sales Development Department, Modern Transportation Technologies Group;
  • Evgeny Garov, Director of Transportation Logistics Department, INVITRO;
  • Ivan Pekshev, General Director of Carcoin.
The forum partners were the National Gas Motor Association (NGA), the Union of Gas Motor Industry Enterprises (UGME), and the National LNG Association. The scientific and technical magazine Transportation on Alternative Fuel became the information partner of the forum.

The next GasSuf exhibition will be held on October 22-24, 2024 at Crocus Expo!

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