For the first time at the exhibition GasSuf the company LANDIRENZO


Landi Renzo offers a vast range of gas systems for converting your vehicle to LPG and natural gas.


For over 60 years, Landi Renzo have been providing real and effective solutions to the challenges of environmental sustainability through the sale and installation of systems for the automotive sector based on alternative fuels that are less expensive and better for the environment.

LANDIRENZO's LPG and natural gas systems are available for both petrol engines and diesel engines and use low-impact energy sources to contribute to the development of ecological mobility, guaranteeing less polluting emissions and offering economic benefits.

All LANDIRENZO gas systems are the result of in-depth studies and advanced technological research. The many patents registered by the company's research and development centre have marked milestones in the evolution of mechanical and electronic integration of LPG and natural gas systems in vehicles.


We invite your Company to exhibit in the 15-th Anniversary International exhibition of NGV vehicles and refueling equipment.


Their participation in the exhibition GasSuf 2017 confirmed: Graf S. P. A., GASPART, Autogas Romano, Shelf, Schwelm Anlagentechnik GmBh, Lenpromavtomatika, Micrometan, MV&F, NZGA, Plazmennye Tehnologii, Russian Cylinders, Vitcovice  and others.

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