17-th International exhibition of CNG, LPG, gas vehicles and gas refueling equipment
22 - 24 October 2019 • Russia, Moscow, Sokolniki ECC, Pavilion 4

LPG tanks from Tugra Makina

Tugra Makina founded in 1997 to produce various metal goods, sheet metal, plastic injection moulds and plastic necessaries. In 1998 started to produce LPG Auto Gas Tanks.

The range of toroidal and cylindrical tanks for the translation of vehicles on liquefied petroleum gas , different lengths, diameter, and volume.

To learn more about the range of cylinders for LPG from Tugra Makina, to assess the quality and compare with the equipment of other companies, you can from 23 to 25 October at the exhibition GasSuf in Moscow, Sokolniki ECC, pav. 4.