17-th International exhibition of CNG, LPG, gas vehicles and gas refueling equipment
22 - 24 October 2019 • Russia, Moscow, Sokolniki ECC, Pavilion 4

GasSuf 2018: Major Event for Russia’s and Europe’s NGV Industry

On 23–25 October, ECC Sokolniki in Moscow will host the 16th International Exhibition of NGV and Refuelling Equipment GasSuf.

GasSuf is Russia’s largest international exhibition, a venue for the industry’s leading companies to show their NGV and refuelling equipment. Directors, engineers, and foremen of service companies engaged in NG conversion of vehicles, distributors of NGV equipment, representatives of gasoline and NG filling stations, and transportation offices employees of logistics and manufacturing companies interested in converting their vehicle fleets to NG visit the exhibition very year.

This year, over 50 companies from 12 countries will take part in the exhibition. Over 20 new companies will present their NGV and refuelling equipment.

GasSuf has always stood out for a large number of international exhibitors. This year is not an exception. Companies from Poland, Italy, UK, China, Korea, Germany, Belarus, Czech Republic, Turkey, and India will present their products.

The list of exhibitors includes major international NGV equipment manufacturers: Atiker (Turkey), Auto Gaz Centrum (Poland), Certools (Poland), Elpigas (Czech Republic), Europe Gas (Poland), Gomet (Poland), Hami Tech CO (Korea), HL Propan (Czech Republic), Landi Renzo (Italy), LPG Tech (Poland), Nazorati (Turkey), Lovato (Italy), Saka Autogas (Turkey), Tugra Makina (Turkey), Royal Gas (Turkey), Zavoli (Italy), etc.

Visitors will be introduced to high-potential innovative solutions in NGV industry.

Thus, Gaspart 95 (DIGITRONIC) will display a restyled model of Alaska Super gearbox (AT09 – Nordic family). The key strengths of the gearbox are as follows: higher supported power (up to 170 h.p.) and better performance in CUT-OFF mode.

HL Propan’s stand will introduce visitors to gearboxes, injectors, filters, and many other articles required to operate an NGV.

Penzkompressormash will present fuelling unit CSG-4.3-251-EE.01 with a capacity of up to 1,200 nm3/h. The unit ensures up to 400 fillings per day with a length starting from 3 minutes each and can be used as part of public NG filling stations, large bus depots, and corporate in-house filling stations.

Tugra Makina’s stand will display toroidal and cylindrical tanks for LPG conversion of vehicles (propane-butane) of various lengths, diameters, and volumes.

Cryogenic equipment and integrated storage and delivery systems for air and CO2 separation products, methane storage systems, low- and high-pressure atmospheric and electric vaporisers, and cryogenic centrifugal and piston pumps will be presented at Monitoring Ventil & Fiting’s stand.

VITKOVICE will display a container for shipping CNG and other types of industrial gases under 25 MPa (250 bars) and working temperatures starting from -40 °C up to +65 °C.

Schwelm Anlagentechnik GmbH (SAT) will present new modifications of CNG refuelling compressor units based on water-cooled gas compressor V750/300 NG6 with a capacity of 440-800 m3/h at a supply pressure of 3.0-6.0 bar; filling pump LNG-E1 for LPG fuelling.

This year, the business programme events will last for three days from 23 thru 25 October. Gaspart 95 is the general sponsor of the business programme.

The first day, 23 October, is scheduled as the date of the session: “Development of gas-fuelling infrastructure and promotion of NGV.” FORNOVO GAS is the partner of the session.

The questions to be addressed are as follows: development of the transport system, overview of NGV market, implementation plans for gas-fuelling infrastructure projects, prospects of multi-fuel filling stations, and mobilisation of private investors. The programme includes the round table titled: “How to increase the usage of NGV and boost the procurement of NG vehicles and machines in the Russian regions?” The topics for discussion are as follows: overcoming the barriers to the implementation of the programmes aimed at boosting the usage of NG as a fuel in the Russian regions and ensuring a comprehensive approach to shaping a favourable environment for NGV promotion. Representatives of GAU Centre of Energy-Saving Technologies of the Republic of Tatarstan under the Government of the Republic of Tatarstan were invited to take part in the discussion of the implementation outcomes of the programme based on the example of their region.

The session scheduled for the second day will be devoted to the operation of NGV and installation of NGV equipment. The topics to be addressed are as follows: registration of NGV, procedural changes; safe operation of NGV; requirements to companies providing NGV equipment installation services; certification of car service centres for vehicle conversion and maintenance services; compliance with the technical requirements to NGV equipment installation and maintenance; application of Technical Regulation 018/2011 to alteration of vehicle design in case of installing NGV equipment. At the end of the session, representatives of a shipping company will share their experience in converting their fleet to methane involving a cost-efficiency assessment.

On the third day, 25 October, Gaspart 95, general sponsor of the business programme, will administer a workshop. The workshop will focus on gas-diesel systems: operating principles, equipment, and settings.

Professionals are invited to visit the exhibition free of charge by getting an e-ticket at www.gassuf.ru.