POST-EVENT PRESS RELEASE. GasSuf Exhibition 2018: a 6% Growth in the Number of Visitors


On 23–25 October, Sokolniki ECC hosted GasSuf, the 16th International Exhibition of NGV and Refuelling Equipment.

53 companies from 12 countries participated in the exhibition this year and displayed their technological solutions gas fuel usage and the corresponding market trends in Russia. Majority of the participants were represented by foreign companies from Argentina, Belarus, the UK, Germany, India, Italy, China, Korea, Poland, Turkey and the Czech Republic.

The total exhibition area was about 2,500 sq. meters. Over the course of three days, the exhibition was attended by 1901 experts from 26 countries and 67 regions of Russia. The number of visitors was 6% higher than the previous year, including 1616 potential buyers.

Over 20 companies presented their products in the section of gas cylinder and natural gas fuelling equipment for the first time.

Gaspart 95 (DIGITRONIC) company’s stand revealed a restyled model of Alaska Super gas reducer from AT09-Nordic product range. The main benefits of said reducer include greater handled power (up to 170HP) and improved performance at CUT-OFF.

Dazhd-Gaz company presented cylinders by Kharpromtekh manufacturing plant, Reinigenfilter filters, and YOTA and Alaska CNG equipment of the 2nd and 4th generation.

LPG/CNG (propane/methane) cylinders were also displayed at the following companies’ stands: Atiker (Turkey), RoyalGas (Turkey), SAKA LPG (Turkey), Tugra Makina (Turkey), Jiaxing E-xon Power Technology (China), BALCITY (Russia), Evrazia-Servis (Russia), NZGA (Belarus), etc.

Certools promoted to visitors its LPG-conversion instruments and filtering elements.

Rezol Avtogaz, exclusive distributor of Lovato Gas S.p.A, displayed the whole range of systems and components for propane and methane application as an alternative to gasoline and diesel fuel.

GOMET (Poland) exhibited a wide range of components, including nuts, temperature sensors, gas outlets, sleeves, fastening screws, flow regulators, clamps, fixings, and fittings.

A wide variety of LPG cylinder valves and regulators was available to visitors at the stand of the Indian company Kanaiya Brass Products.

The exhibition stands of such companies as AG Centrum, GlobalGas, HL Propan, E-xon, LPGTECH, Nazorati, Avtogaz Expert, Evropa Gaz, MViF, and NPP Slavgaz displayed switches, reducers, injectors, filters and other auto components for liquified and compressed natural gas vehicles operation.

Ultra Telecom presented a digital sensor of gas level for CNG equipment capable of highly precise measurement of volume and critical fuel level in a cylinder.

VITKOVICE introduced its container for shipment of CNG and other industrial gases under a pressure of 25MPa (250bar) and operating temperature of -40ОC to +65ОC.

Compressors for CGFCS and methane gas dispensers were presented at the stands of Graf Sp.A, MotoGaz, and Nika NPK.

CGFCS design and turn-key construction solutions were exhibited by the following companies: FORNOVO GAS, Levitek, Lenpromavtomatika, and Kirovsky Zavod of Gas Technologies.

An extensive business program was implemented throughout the exhibition. Gazpart 95 acted as the main sponsor of the business program.

A conference titled “Development of Gas Dispensing Structure and Natural Gas Vehicles Operation” was held on 23–24 October within the framework of the exhibition. Vasily Leonidovich Zinin, Executive Director of National Gas Vehicle Association, made a welcome speech at the conference. He emphasised that a new incentive was provided by the President of the Russian Federation for the gas fuel development. The Rostov Region and the Belgorod Region were selected to test implementation of systematic approach to the market development. Vasily Leonidovich wished the participants of GasSuf Exhibition efficient work and the speedy decision making to reach mutual understanding for development and support of the industry.

On the first day’s session titled “Development of Gas Dispensing Infrastructure and Natural Gas Vehicles” a speech was made by Dmitriy Aleksandrovich Melnikov, Assistant Deputy Minister of Energy of the Russian Federation. He presented the concept of sub-program titled “Development of Gas Fuel Market”, part of the state supported program titled “Energy Efficiency and Energy Development”. The core point of the sub-program is advancing development of gas fuel refilling infrastructure. At the initial stage, active measures provided for by the state policy are supposed to facilitate the market development, including financial support by partial costs reimbursement to enterprises based on forecasted capacity of their investments into gas fuel distribution infrastructure construction. Also, regulations should be established for switching vehicles to gas fuel in state financed entities, public transportation, road and urban services vehicles, and special vehicles. This open discussion involved representatives of Gasprom Gas Fuel, NOVATEK, Regional Gas Company, GAZENERGOSET TAMBOV, Neftmagistral, and FORNOVO GAS acting as the session’s partner.

The second day session covered the topic titled “Natural Gas Vehicles Operation and CNG Equipment Installation”. The session participants discussed issues associated with registration of vehicles conversion to CNG; vehicle operation safety; requirements to entities providing services associated with CNG installation; car service certification of compliance of provided services associated with vehicles conversion and technical support; compliance with technical requirements for CNG equipment installation and maintenance; 018/2011 Technical Regulation application to modifications in a vehicle design upon CNG equipment installation. Closing speech of the session was made by the General Director of KLavto transportation company, who shared his experience of conversion of vehicles fleet to methane along with his estimation of economic efficiency results.

On 25 October, the third exhibition day, a seminar from the Gazpart 95, the main sponsor of the business program, was hosted. The seminar covered topics of gas diesel systems operation, equipment, and settings.

In 2019, the 17th International Exhibition of NGV and Refuelling Equipment will be hosted in SOKOLNIKI ECC on 22–24 October.





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