State-owned companies will be obliged to change their vehicles to gas


The new equipment should work on gas-engine fuel. This order was given by Deputy Prime Minister Dmitry Kozak. The range of companies is not yet defined.

Companies in which more than 50% of the shares are owned by the state will be obliged to change their road transport to gas. According to RBC, such an order to the relevant departments gave Deputy Prime Minister Dmitry Kozak. The range of state-owned companies has not yet been determined, the exact timing of preparation is also not indicated.

It is noted that it is necessary to implement the order from 2019 to 2024, for which the program of the Ministry of energy for the development of the gas motor fuel market is designed. It has already invested almost 175 billion rubles from the budget.

"Russian Railways" will have to provide for the costs of the appearance of gas stations with gas motor fuel along the Railways.

According to the results of the program, the Russian gas market in transport will increase five times, almost 1.5 thousand gas stations will be built. So far in Russia there are only 345 such stations.


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