GasSuf 2019: A Landmark Event for the Russian and European NGV Industry


On 22–24 October, ECC Sokolniki in Moscow will host the 17th International Exhibition of CNG, LPG, gas vehicles and gas refueling equipment (GasSuf).

GasSuf is the largest annual international exhibition of NGV and refuelling equipment in Russia. It is a meeting place where professionals can find innovative products and purchase effective solutions for their business from the top Russian and foreign manufacturers.

This year, around 60 companies from 13 countries will take part in the exhibition. More than half of the exhibitors will participate in the event for the first time.

Historically, the majority of the companies displaying their products at GasSuf come from Armenia, Belarus, the UK, Italy, Iran, China, Korea, Lithuania, Poland, Russia, the USA, Turkey, and Uzbekistan.

Visitors will be introduced to high-potential innovative solutions in the NGV industry.

Thus, within the framework of the exhibition Gaspart 95 will present its new gas controller DIGITRONIC MAXI2 TITAN. Other innovations include methane- and propane-powered gear, direct injection kits DIGITRONIC AEB, equipment for freight and commercial transport, an methane assembly kit.

FORNOVO GAS will offer the visitors compressors for an extensive scope of applications, such CNG stations, compression of biogas and biomethane, production of natural gas and the oil and gas industry in general, as well as in many other fields of industry.

At the exhibition booth of 4Save, visitors are welcome to find out more about the following products: 24-pin LPG/CNG controller and 24-pin LPG/CNG controller for 4-cylinder engines, 56-pin LPG/CNG controller for advanced 8-cylinder engines.

Representatives of Fouladin Zob Amol from Iran will display gas valves, ventilated discs, rods, brake drums and other products for the automobile industry.

LPG TECH will present a line of LPG/CNG gas injection controllers, pressure and temperature sensor PTS 01, gas level transmitter for gas cylinder TECH Level 2.0, fuel pressure sensor emulators Pb- Pressure -02 and petrol level reading sensor emulators Pb-Level-02, wired communication module, LPG/CNG nozzles, accessories for nozzles, and many more.

Sespel will present proprietary tank cars for the transportation and storage of LPG and LNG manufactured in Cheboksary.

At the stand of Tegas Engineering, visitors will learn more about the new solutions and improved capabilities of TEGAS products for automobile gas systems. Specialists of the company will organise workshops to address the following issues: new pulse processing and control solutions for in TE-Stream systems; OBD control systems; setup and calibration of gas and diesel equipment; savings from the use of TEGAS gas and diesel systems.

Grasys Engineering will demonstrate turn-key solutions for CNG stations and LNG refuelling stations, including design and manufacture of major process equipment, construction, supervised installation, commissioning, warranty and post-warranty service.

Milliy Metal Sanoat will display gas cylinders for type-1 compressed natural gas (KPG-1).

Global Gas Group will demonstrate 3 products new for the Russian market, such as diagnostic equipment Greengas DIT; ultrasound gas level detector Greengas ULTRA; propane-powered gear AT13 Greengas Antarctic XP.

At its exhibition stand Lenpromavtomatika will exhibit a CNG fuelling column LPA-GZK; LNG fuel dispenser; compressor module CleverGas; packaged refuelling complex CleverCryo-F with a vertical tank; modular regasification and refuelling system CleverCryo-R.

The range of Gilbarco Veeder-Root products is diversified with new solutions from German manufacturer FAFNIR, which enable users to measure parameters of petroleum products in tanks with liquefied petroleum gas (LPG).

ITALGAS will introduce new equipment solutions from its exclusive partner Westport Fuel Systems (supplier of OMVL, EMER and VALTEK brands) to the professional community. Industry specialists will be interested to see presentation of an extensive range of products made under the renewed brand SAVER, available on the Russian market in the medium price segment.

Sfera will present toroidal and cylindrical automotive gas cylinders for liquefied petroleum gas.

The exhibition will be enlivened by a busy business agenda all of the three days from October 22 to 24. Korea Environmental Industry and Technology Institute (KEITI), an organisation established with the support of the Republic of Korea Ministry of Environment, will act as an international information partner of the business programme.

The agenda for the first two days will include the 2nd Annual Conference on the Development of Gas Refuelling Infrastructure and Use of Natural Gas Vehicles, which is supported by the association of organizations in the field of motor fuel NGVRUS.

The partner of the business program will be Gaspart 95, sessions will be sponsored by Fornovo Gas and Atiker.

On the first day, October 22nd, visitors are invited to attend a strategic panel session titled “Challenges of the Transition Period: Will Natural Gas Become an Alternative to Conventional Fuels?”. The session will address issues like the development of gas refuelling infrastructure, a holistic approach to building a national fleet of NGVs, the commercial component of operating an NGV fleet and expertise of companies operating NGVs, government support programs for the acquisition of NGVs and converting to NGVs, progress of regional programs for conversion to NGVs, and other subjects. The day will be closed with a workshop session involving representatives of Russian regional executive authorities and major regional market players.

The main topic of the second day is “Safety Aspects: a Balance Between Standards and Market Requirements”. The speakers will discuss topical issues and challenges of the industry for conversion to NGVs, industry development drivers and barriers, as well as certification of new gas-cylinder equipment and innovative cylinder turnover control solutions. 

On the third day, October 24th, Gaspart 95, the Official Sponsor of the business programme, will administer a workshop. The workshop will focus on Generation 4 NGV equipment – kit families IQ MAXI 2, IQ 4,6,8 cylinders; vehicles with direct fuel injection (STAG 400 DPI, STAG 400 PFDI, STAG 500 DIS).

Professionals are invited to visit the exhibition free of charge by getting an e-ticket at Use promo code gpress19.


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